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Venetian Blinds for doors

Venetian blinds are a great way to control and filter light whilst at the same time maintain privacy. Our Venetian Blind slats are manufactured from aluminium alloys coated with the highest quality polyester based paint – designed to withstand 500 hours at 100% humidity and tested to withstand both slat spray solution and accelerated weathering.

The cord lock is a crash proof design and of clear durable plastic containing a metal roller over which the cords ride. The floating knurled brass rollers are designed to lock the cord at any length without tearing. A metal cord separator guide prevents the cords from becoming entangled.

Slat sizes are available in either the classic 25mm size or the 16mm micro blind size.

small slat aluminium venetian blinds

perfect fit venetian blinds

Liven up your windows with venetian blinds. A timeless classic! Venetian blinds are available in luxury wood or contemporary aluminium slats.

There is a huge range of slat styles available in a range of exotic colours and subtle shades.

16mm aluminium venetian blinds 25mm aluminium venetian blinds

perfect fit venetian blinds

large slat aluminium venetian blinds

intu venetian blinds

intu blinds are available with 25mm and 16mm Venetian slat in a variety of finishes including wood effect, perforated and pearlescent in a wide range of colours.

Made to measure from our great fabric aluminium range.

25mm aluminium venetian blinds16mm aluminium venetian blinds

intu venetian blinds

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